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Material Collected By DON BAESEL

My grandmother, Elizabeth Mohr Baesel.

The picture was taken about 1914. The people are: (rear) Art, Wes, George, Lou, Nell (front) Laura, George Sr., Eva, Elizabeth, Ray, Ed. These were all of the children alive in 1914. Their oldest child, William, only lived a couple years and died in 1888.

The aunts and uncles in the picture are: front - Conrad Mohr
(Uncle Coon), Laura Phillips, Art Phillips. rear - Ray Baesel,
Wes Baesel, Nell Baesel Poots, Lou Baesel, Art Baesel.

Taken in the summer of 1960 at the Phillips' house in Strongsville. It was taken
during a party celebrating Laura and Art Phillips' 40th wedding anniversary.
Some of their children wanted to wait and have a large party for their parents
50th  anniversary. It was a good thing they did not wait. Art Phillips died a few
weeks after the party. This picture includes all of my father's living siblings
except for Ed Baesel who was in North Carolina.

I am not sure how you describe the Baesel/Mohr nose. It is sort of large, wide and mashed down. It tended to be found in the older generations. I can remember several family gatherings where the family nose was discussed, usually after a few drinks. The debate was whether it came from the Baesel or Mohr side of the family. Take a good look at the noses in the back row.

Mother and father - Bryan and Erin Baesel, Dylan Sarah Baesel, born Jan. 15, 2009

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