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Andreas Baesel

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Glascow, Scotland,1886.
5,217 gross tons; 455 ft. long; 48 feet wide. Steam engine, single screw.
Speed 17 knots, 1240 passengers, 150 first class, 90 second class
and 1,000 third class passengers.

This was suppose to be a link to the Ship Trave passenger manifest listing Andreas Baesel,
however if you check the above it is a log page from the Ship Ceres arriving April 20, 1892.
Andreas Baesel is not listed. Neither of the names listed are 39 years of age.



Built by Harlan& Wolff Limited, Belfast Northern Ireland, 1893. 5,965 gross tons:
445 feet long: 50 feet wide. Compond engines, twin screw. Service speed 13.5
knots. 1,860 passengers (60 first class, 1800 third class).

Josef (age 25). Occupation or Calling
Marie (age 23). Occupation or Calling - wife
Passenger manifest arriving aboard the ship Prussia from Hamburg





Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Steamer Cimbria Hamburg, Germany to New York 2 November 1867

List or Manifest of surname BAESEL PASSENGERS taken on board the Str "Cimbria" whereof N. Trautmann is Master, from Hamburg burthen 2964 tons. Columns represent: given name and surname, age, sex, occupation, the country to which they severally belong, and the country of which they intend to become inhabitants.

279 Frdr Baesel 30 M Mech. Germany U.S.

280 Caroll Baesel 28 F Germany U.S.

281 Carl Baesel 0y8m M Germany U.S.

282 Paul Baesel 0y8m M Germany U.S.

* * *

Transcriber's Notes: The transcriber numbers the passengers consecutively, even though they are not numbered in the original manifest. The recorder of the manifest often abbreviates a passenger's Occupation, such as "Merch" or "Mercht" for "Merchant", "Mech" for Mechanic and "Labr" for Laborer. The recorder did not use ditto marks to indicate "same as above". Many surname, sex and occupation entries are left blank and the reader is confronted with the problem of interpreting the recorder's intended meaning. Occupations are only given in the transcription if the recorder entered them. Since it was common for recorders not to make an entry in the occupation column for female passengers or for children, a possible though not a certain interpretation of the intended occupation where left blank is that of the occupation of the last adult male entered above.

National Archives and Records Administration, Film M237, Reel 288, List 1149. Transcribed by Phil Buckley a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 30 November 2006

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