Descendants of Jacob Baesel

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            3-Leo Conrad Baesel b: 30 Jan 1898, Ohio d: 16 Jun 1981, Clearwater, Florida
              sp: Mabelle Lunora Lutz b: 17 May 1904, d: 15 Apr 1992, Pinellas, Florida 
            3-Frank Theodore Baesel b: 13 Jan 1900, Ohio, d: 18 Aug 1958, Berea, Ohio
              sp: Josephine Miller d: 18 Jan 1971
                  4-James Allen Baesel b: Cir 1941
                     sp: Joanne Stevens
                        5-Jennifer Baesel
                          sp: Newton
                        5-Wesley Baesel
                  4-Jane Louise Baesel b: 1943
                    sp: James Raymond Geiger b: Cir 1943
                    sp: Gary Loos (2006)
                        5-Laurie Geiger b: 26 Oct 1964
                        5-Randy Geiger b: 6 May 1966
                        5-Julia Geiger b: 8 Jul 1969
                          sp: Duncan
            3-Lucille Dorothy Baesel b: 5 Jan 1903, d: 15May1986, Sidney, Ohio
              sp: Granville David Robinson b: 1903, Indiana, d: 8Sep 1947
                  4-Arlyn b: 1928 
                  4-Elizabeth b: 1929 
                  4-Ronson b: 1937
      2-John Baesel b: 1855, Long Island, New York, d: 30 Mar 1932 (*see note)
        sp: Effie M. Howard b: 1856, Columbia Township, Ohio, d After 1920
            3-Roena B. Baesel, b: 1877, Columbia Township, Ohio, d: after 1880 before 1900
            3=Belle R. Baesel b: Jul 1877, d: 8 Jan 1952
              sp: Edwin A. Maxwell
                  4-2 children? 
            3-Louise Dora Baesel, b:Jun 1881, d: 13 Aug 1908
              sp: Samuel C. Reynolds
                  4-Basil Howard Reynolds b: 4 Aug 1908, d: 4 Apr 1973
                    sp: Jennie Marie Rubel
                        5-Basil Howard Reynolds II b: 23 Mar 1942, Berea, Ohio
                          sp: Marylin Ann
                              6-Basil Howard Reynolds III b: 25 Mar 1964, Berea, Ohio
                                sp: Elaine Dietrich (ended in divorce)
                                     7-Daniel Basil Reynolds b: 17 Dec 1984
                                     7-Brandon Basil Reynolds b: 4 Oct 1984
                                     7-Sammath Nicole Reynolds b: 11 Aug 1988
                                    Jennifer ? 
                                     7-Bailey Christine Reynolds b: 23 Feb 1993 
            3-Other child d: after 1880 before 1900
               ?????? sp: Tommy? Reynolds
                  4-Howard B. Reynolds b: 1909, d: 1 Dec 1980 
      2-Elizabeth Baesel b: , Middleburg Township, Ohio?,  After 1900
        sp: Louis Wicks (Weich?)
      2-George Baesel b: 8 Oct 1856, Middleburg Township, Ohio, d: 23 Sep 1922, Strongsville, Ohio
        sp: Elizabeth Mohr b: 18 Jun 1864, Hesse-Darmstadt, d: 6 Dec 1941, Middleburg Heights, Ohio
            3-William Baesel b: 1885, Strongsvil1e Township, Ohio, d 1888, Middleburg Township, Ohio

*Note - John had four children. In the 1880 census, he and Effie were living in Columbia Township with their
daughter, Roena. John was listed as a farmer and his name was spelled Beasel. In the 1900 census he was living
in Collinwood Township at 227 Clinton? Rd. John was working as a carpenter and his name was spelled Basal. In
the 1910 census, he was living in Adams Township, Lucas County and was listed as a farmer. The record shows
four children, but only ONE living at that time. The name was spelled Basal. In the 1920 census he was living 
near Baesel Dairy and listed as a carpenter. He was living with his wife and a grandson named Basil Howard
Reynolds. In the 1930 census, they were living on East River Rd. in Columbia Township. John and Effie spelled
their name "Basel" in a land transfer in 1923. 

(research by Don Baesel)
(updated 01feb09)
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