Descendants of Jacob Baesel

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            3-George W. Baesel b: 31 Oct 1886, Strongsville Township, Ohio d: 25 Oct 1947, Berea, Ohio
              sp: Marion J. Stokes b: 1888, Cleveland, Ohio, d: 1965
            3-Louis C. Baesel b: 16 Nov 1888, Strongsville Township, Ohio, d: 9 Dec 1979, Cincinnati, Ohio
              sp: Anna Sauerbrei b: 1890, Middleburg Township, Ohio?, d: 25 May 1988, Cincinnati, Ohio
                  4-Robert C. Baesel b: 12 Jan 1918, Cleveland, Ohio d: 20 Jul 1984, Cincinnati, Ohio
                    sp: Jean Trew b; 1920 d: Feb 2, 2008, Butler, OH
                        5-Dr. Robert T. Baesel 
                          sp: Carol Kemper
                          sp: Connie Beale
                              6-David Baesel b: 1O Aug 1974
                              6-Katherine Baesel b: Dec 1977
                        5-Ann(e?) Baesel
                          sp: Jeffery Clingaman
                          sp: Morgan Broadhead
                              6-Amy Clingaman
                              6-Michael Clingaman
            3-Edward F. Baesel I b: 1890, Strongsville Township, Ohio, d: 10 Feb 1965, Charlotte. NC
              sp: Rose Riegger (Engel?) b: 22 Apr 1892, Medina, Ohio, d: Dec 1977, Charlotte, NC
                  4-Edward Baesel II b: 1921, Charlotte, NC
                    sp: Emily Ransom b: 4 Dec 1929, Charlotte, NC
                        5-Mary Baesel b: 16 Nov 1960, Charlotte, NC
                          sp: James Romano
                              6-Cara Romano b; 1999, Sinapore (Singapore?)
                        5-Edward Baesel III b: 2 Dec 1958, Charlotte, NC
                          sp: Ellen Cannon b:, Michigan
                              6-Anna Baesel b: 1991, Charlotte, NC
                              6-Sarah Baesel b: 8 Apr 1998, Charlotte, NC
                              6-Betsy Baesel b: 2000, Charlotte, NC
                  4-Stuart Baesel b: 1922, Charlotte, NC, d: 24 Apr 2009, La Jolla, CA
                    sp: Betsey London Cordon b: Raleigh, NC, d: 3 Jan 2008, LaJolla, CA
                        5-Stuart O. Baesel
                        5-Betsey L. Baesel 
                        5-Cordon T. Baesel
            3-Laura B. Baesel b: 16 Nov 1893, Strongsville Township, Ohio d: 13 Jul 1969, Strongsville, Ohio
              sp: C. Arthur Phillips b: 1899, Cleveland, Ohio d: 13 Jul 1960, Strongsville, Ohio
(research by Don Baesel)
(updated 24may09)
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